Reviews & Tech Info

Q&A: Tanks & Tank Cartos (including “dry hit” instructions, batts, cleaning) 

Tanks & King Diamonds Revisited (Morandir835 Review 4/21/12) 

King Diamond Manual & Tank Issues (2/1/12) 

3.5 Tank Review by ChadR 

Tank Carto Estimated Life Expectancy (60mls) 

Info on Replacement Cartos for Tanks (3/1/12 Test Numbers) 

Replacement Cartos for Tanks 3/10/12  (Description of each carto) 

Tank with stock 1.5ohm dc carto Battery Compatibility

1.5 DC Tank Carto with Different V4L Batteries

Tank Colors

TANK Cartomizers (Single, Duel)

DVCT tech info 

DVCT – pic of inside of carto (1 wire, 2 coils) 

Wow, Cool, Duel, Single Cartomizer – Target Ohm’s 

Single & Duel Cartomizer Ohm Ranges 

Wattage, Amp & Voltage Between the Single Coil & Dual Coil 

Single Coil vs Dual Coil, explanation and differences 

Breakdown on the three type of cartos for the tanks 

Higher vs. Lower Ohm’s by Morandir835 (more info in this thread as well) 

What is an “ohm” and “coil” (SD explains)


Volts/Ohms/Amps Chart 5/3/12 

Everything You Need to Know on Current, Volts, Resistance, Amps, & More 5/24/12 

Ohms/Volts/Watts/Amps Chart 5/25/12 

Juice, Viscosity, Volts, Ohms, & Amps Variations 5/26/12 

OHM’s Law Calculator for Android – Very Helpful & Easy to Use 

Online Ohm’s Law Calculator– LINK

Tank Cleaning & Maintenance 

Tank Issues & Fixes

When to tell if your tank carto is ready for cleaning 

Problems with 1.5 ohm tank cartos (see post for details) 

Step-by-step instructions for Leaking Tank 

Leaking/Flooding Tank, how to open airwick tube 

Dry/Burned Carto – how to save juice & replace carto 

Flavor off? Some Suggestions to fix it 

Juices that crack tanks (Discussion) 

“All these juices crack poly-carb tanks” ECF Link 

“Poly-carbonate Tank Tube Reaction – Known Flavors” 

“Some Tank Observations” ECF Link 

Where to get replacement o-rings for Tanks ? – Info provided 

Where to get replacement o-rings (silicone) 

Gurgling Tank Fix 

Draw too hard for Tank Carto? Holes in Tank Carto (Discussion)