Vapor4Life MOD’s

D.A.V Dial-A-Volt   **Newest**

Technical Info on D.A.V Dial-A-Volt by Morandir835 

OMG Handle

Introduction of the OMG Handle 

OMG Handle Technical Info by Morandir835 

Introducing the new V4L Handle MOD, Audrey S 

V4L Handle Mod, Morandir835 

OMG All Day 808

Smoketech OMG All Day Technical Data by Morandir835 

OMG All Day WOW Carto Data by Morandir835 (8/3/12) 

OMG All Day Cool Carto Data by Morandir835 (8/17/12) 

OMG All Day DVCT (Dual Vertical Coil Tank) Data by Morandir835 (8/9/12)


OMG All Day vs OMG VV

All Day or VV? 

OMG VV Tech Info/Review by Morandir835 (8/25/12) 

OMG VV Technical Info. Part 1 of 2 Blog 

OMG VV Technical Info. Part 2 of 2 Blog

OMG 5v Mod  

OMG 5v Technical Info (1/10/12) 

OMG 5v Follow-up (2/5/12) 

OMG 5v & The New Vapers 

OMG 5V Blinking Light Q & Explanation

Do I need a 5v OMG or Other Mod? (2/3/12) 

5v OMG Update (If you own one, read this 2/6/12)


Aurora Review – ian559 (3/22/12)

Aurora Review – Joyce (Blog 2/20/12) 

Aurora Review – Morandir835 (12/22/11) 

Advanced Kit Review (12/22/11)