Reviews/Tech Info

The Difference in Ejuice/Cool Carts, Wow 

Diff between Premium & Wow Pre-filled Cartos (5/11/12) 

V4L Wow/Cool cartomizers are not proprietary

Cartos do NOT need to be kept upright

What Cart’s (Wow or Cool)/Carto’s (SC/DC) work best with which Batteries/MOD’s

Filling Method  

Syringe sizes/gauges to use for dripping 

“Possession and Disposal” info – Link

Syringe filling tips 

Save juice by emptying into spare bottle 

Tank Carto Taryn Spin Method (Also refer to SD’s Video on Video Page) 

When to tell if your tank carto is ready for cleaning 

Emptying & refilling tank instructions 5/24/12 

When to fill the carto or top it off

Carto/Batt Cleaning, & Recycling  

How often do batteries need cleaning? 

Recycling – additional info 

Recycling old batteries (Blog) 

Recycle Dual Coil Cartomizers 

Call2Recycle (go to site and enter zip code for locations near you)

 !!!! Iso Alcohol should never be used to clean cartos or tanks !!! 

Iso Aclohol – More Info about cleaning cartos and tanks 

Mint/Menthol content damages coils faster 

Hand Steamer Suggestion for cleaning 

Unclog a Carto; Tips in Thread

Cleaning Cartos – Soaking Method (5/10/12) Refer to Video Page as well for SD’s Video

Cleaning Cartos (Standard 1 ML) Soaking Method Detailed Instructions by SD 5/11/12