Juice Wattage 

WOW Juice Wattage Limits 

Premium Juice Flavors Wattage Limits 

Wow Nuport vs Premium Nuport *Entire Thread has info

Juice PG & VG 

WOW is 70/30 vg mix minimum (See Comments) 

Confused about Juice? 

“Four Different E-Liquids” (See Comments) 

PG/VG % – Ecf Link 

Exact percentages not known of Pg/Vg (5/11/12) 

PG (Propylene glycol), it’s compounds & Is there alcohol in V4L’s Cherry Cordial e-juice?

PG Liquid Safety – Links in Thread 

Symptoms of PG sensitivity


Change in nic level % vs Mg Theory

Nicotine levels in smoke vs vapor (Comments)

VaporTalk “Does nicotine level effect taste?” – Link

 Does the level of nicotine affect the lifespan of the cartomizer?

 Nicotine degrades after expiration date

Misc Info – Juice

Juice Trade Forums

Juice Sample Swap Forums

Key factors for TH and Vapor Production

Juice’s & Batteries made where?

EJuice Me Up Calculator– Link

Ejuice Recipe Calculator – Link

Diluting Juice with VG or vodka

Diluting Juice with vodka increases the TH 

Juice Storage – Plastic Vs Glass, Length of Time 

Steeping Juices Link to Videos

Everything Else Juice Related


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