Morandir385 is our in forum Data Guru! He tests EVERYTHING; Ohm’s; Watt’s; Volt’s; You name it.  This guy is a mad data collector! And super smart. We owe A LOT to him for everything he has talked about and taught us. So when we talk engineering  “stuff” …  we learned it from him! 🙂  Thanks Morandir for all you do!

We have a few others too 🙂  And you’re ALL appreciated!


Morandir’s Collection

Reviews & Tech Info  

Morandir’s collection of Test Info (12/20/11) 

Stealth Manuals Tech Info (1/27/12) 

King Diamond Manual Tech Info – (12/24/11 TAKEN from ECF) 

Vapor Titan Stealth Technical Info & Review (2/21/12) 

Cut-Off Times for Batteries (VK, KD, VTKD – Auto & Manual) 

Lithium Battery Memory 

Run-time Stats for Stealth & Diamond – Light Version (Blog) 

VT Sealed Battery Explanation 

KR808 vs High End Mods – Link ECF

When to Recharge Batteries Discussion 5/24/12

Storage of Batteries  

Battery Storage & New Battery Handling 

Recommended Storage for Batteries (Lithium Ion) 

Storing 18650 batteries 

What Voltage to store VT XL for extended time periods 

Issues, Fixes & Do’s

Vapor Titan King Diamond Sticky Switch Fix 

Vapor Titan KD Post Adjustment

Fixing the Auto Titan Switch

What to do when your first package arrives (Snowdragon)

The Color, The Look, The Differences

Batteries and Cartomizers (AS)

Battery Colors: Pictures & More Pictures

Battery Lengths (In Inches) — VK Diamond Manual

How to dis-assemble a battery 

How to find Battery Colors on the Product Page

V4L Battery Names (OVK, CVK & VT. Oh my!)

Difference between V4L Batteries (excellent short version) 

Deep Cycling

Charges, Cycling, Amperage Info for Batts (3/30/12) 

Deep Cycling Explanation (2/6/12) 

Charging New Batteries & Deep Cycling 2/28/12 

Lengthening Battery Life & Deep Cycling Discussion 5/24/12 

Deep Cycling Debate & Testing Data 5/25/12 – ECF Link 

EGO 808

EGO: Tech Data & Review (2/3/12) 

Version 2 of the 808 Ego Tech Info (6/8/12) 

Nicotine & Heat in a Single, Duel or Mega Cartomizer 

EGO: Amt of juice needed to fill mega carto – (per sd 100 drops) 

EGO: 5 ml Mega Cartos – How to fill 4x Cartos 

EGO: Charge Time 

EGO: Using as a PT & info regarding charging 

EGO: Can be charged while running on Standard Mini-USB 

Retractable mini usb for charging and passthru (Best Buy – < $10) 

The EGO Button Flash 

EGO: No longer has a PT(see post of 5/21/12) 

EGO: The different 808’s “Are they the same?” (“no”, Morandir explains) 

What you should know between the Riva/Ego-T 

Battery Section


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