Welcome V4Life Family

Welcome to the new Vapor4Life forum links site!

This is for our family, friends & all the people who are ready to start or continue their vaping journey  with Vapor4Life, and need some help. Like where to start, what to buy, and all the support you could possibly need. This is for you!  Special thanks to everone, who contribute to the links and the knowledge you have given us.  Thanks also for the support you provide, reviews you give, help you give and just caring.

Thank you to the admin’s who are awesome in all that you do, on Facebook, on the Forums, on Products.

And a special thanks to Steve, for making such a AWESOME flipping product!

With love,

LadyStrick9 & TxTunesLady

Your journey awaits!

Happy Vaping & Welcome to the family

P.S. Make sure you like Vapor4Life if you have a Facebook Page! Oh yeah!

Two tips I, Jennifer, will give you right off the bat: When starting to vape, Drink PLENTY of water; and, the next tip is, Taste is Subjective!!! 🙂

Feel free to post comments and if you have a link you believe should be on the list, let us know, we will be more than happy to review it and add to our incredible links LadyStrick9 has gathered for the vaping community! 


8 thoughts on “Welcome V4Life Family

  1. audreyschroder says:

    Excellent job ladies! It looks great! 🙂

    • Hey thanks Audrey! We so much appreciate a compliment from the “Master of Blogging” herself! I can take very little credit for the set-up, design and maintenance of this awesome site. TxTuneslady has gone out of her way to volunteer her time to make this site user-friendly, organized and attractive. We are so grateful to her!

      Please ask your readers on Facebook and Twitter to visit us? In fact, I will do my best to stop by the other V4L Social sites and see what’s going on there…and encourage our readers to do the same! We all benefit, learn more, save money and make friends from networking. So it’s a win-win!

      • TxTunesLady says:

        Yes yes yes, what my lovely Lady says 🙂 (Except that she has done very little) That is just absurd! YOU are the ones that came up with most all the links! And the links was Your idea back in the beginning! As I said we all contribute and pave the way for a successful journey for new vapers!!! But yes yes yes, We need to get the blog out to more!! We just recently had someone from Russia! Awesome!

  2. TxTunesLady says:

    You are so funny, and thank you for your help tonight and making me smile, It was a pleasure to talk to you!!

    • ladystrick999 says:

      You betcha TTLady! It doesn’t even seem like “work” when we can laugh like that, eh? LOL I think our members are going to LOVE this! I’m still learning my way around…but it’s so easy!

      • TxTunesLady says:

        well we have 10 likes 🙂 and I just sent you email 🙂 It isnt work when you can laugh and have fun. Truly, I havent LAUGHED to crying in ages, so thanks!

  3. ladystrick999 says:

    TxTuneLady, this is a well-organized and attractive document, if I do say so myself! It is SO much nicer to have a colorful and organized set of subjects to browse through! Excellent job! And thanks so very much 🙂 I cannot WAIT for the members of V4L (and the Administrative Staff to see this!).

    • TxTunesLady says:

      I can’t either 🙂 I hope everyone Old Forum Family and New V4L Family and of course the admin. staff! Hope they enjoy it was well
      Have more to add into the blogs as I will be going through all the months, but got more added at least 🙂

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